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Discover How This 50-Year Roof Sealant Saves You Thousands of Dollars And Keeps Your Building Watertight Nearly Forever!
If you've got a flat roof that's leaking or giving you any kind of problems whatsoever, then pay close attention.

I'm going to show you an amazing solution that will save you thousands of dollars and take care of all your roofing problems for good!

But first, let me ask you one odd question...    When your car needs an oil change, do you buy a brand new car?
Seems silly, right?   Replacing your car would be an absurd and wasteful thing to do!  A simple oil change will have it running like new!

What if roofing worked the exact same way?  What if all your roof needed was a simple "oil change" to get it working like new?

In these next few paragraphs I'm going to show you exactly how that's possible!

My name is Mason Milliken.  I'm the owner of RoofSEAL.  Collectively, my team and I have more than 50 years of roofing experience.  We've put up thousands of roofs right here in Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, and the surrounding areas. 

Yet, of all the roofs we've installed, one unique system has out-performed them all ... ... ... BY A MILE!  In fact, if you've got a flat roof, this very system could save you in excess of $200,000.00!

Introducing: RoofSEAL's Exciting
New Way To Fix Your Flat Roof!
RoofSEAL uses a powerful waterproofing technology to seal your existing roof and keep your building 100% watertight up to 50 YEARS!  Additionally, RoofSEAL costs only about 1/2 the price of replacement and works 3x as long as a traditional roofing system...

...just look at this beautiful roof we sealed without  the risk or expense of ripping it out and replacing it!
How we do it:
1. Our team of certified technicians thoroughly prepares your existing roof system by performing any necessary repairs then cleaning, scrubbing, etching, and priming the roof surface for maximum adhesion of our 50 year sealant.
2. After meticulous preparation, we carefully strength-reinforce the seams, penetrations, and terminations on the roof with a tear-resistant fabric system. This ensures your new roof system can handle many more decades of wear and tear.

3. RoofSEAL then uses our revolutionary 50 year sealant to completely encapsulate and waterproof your entire roof membrane.  Applied at the perfect mil thickness, our proprietary chemical bonding process permanently adheres our sealant to your entire roof substrate . . . making it virtually immune to weathering or degrading.

4.  Within hours our "liquid seal" transforms your old roof into a brand new seamless, 100% watertight & leak-proof system!

5 Reasons RoofSEAL Is Your Best Flat Roof Solution
First - RoofSEAL eliminates the need to rip out and replace your existing roof. Because of this, you save thousands of dollars and don't have to risk exposing the inside of your building or temporarily shutting down operations just to get a roof back over your head!

Second - Because RoofSEAL is liquid applied, the entire system fits your buildings exact shape and dimensions perfectly.  No seams.  No points of future failure.  Just a smooth, glossy, seamless membrane without any way for water to get in EVER again!

Third - RoofSEAL's Energy Star rating cools your building dramatically, lowering your monthly energy costs, saving you cash year after year!

Fourth - RoofSEAL is "non-sacrificial".  That means it will never break down, thin, or degrade...   The department of environmental services estimates it will take 1 million years for our silica-based roof system to break down in the environment. Compared to the costs of installing, repairing, maintaining, and re-installing traditional roofing systems over the course of 40-50 years, having a RoofSEAL roof is like getting an 86% discount!

Fifth - Not only does RoofSEAL cost a small fraction of what you'd pay to replace your roof, RoofSEAL is also 100% tax deductible!

More than likely, over time, your flat roof has simply lost it's waterproofing capabilities . It doesn't need to be ripped out... it just needs to be "re-waterproofed"!
What to do next:
If you've got a flat roof and it's old, leaking, or giving you any kind of problems whatsoever, please... DON'T buy a brand new roof!
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Seriously…  Why not permanently seal your roof, save your money and your time, and cross it off your to-do list forever? 
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See you at the top,
Mason Milliken 
Founder / Owner,  Absolute RoofSEAL

P.S. In case you're skeptical (like me) and wondering if this stuff actually works... there is over 130 million square feet installed across the U.S. stil leak-tight and under warranty.

In fact, we've personally sealed the roofs of Pinnacle Bank, Omaha Public Schools, AGP, and many more.
Even NASA, Costco, Applebee's, and Target use the very solution I'm writing you about today.
Read below what one of our clients recently had to say...
"We’ve had leak issues for 14 years and we tried all kinds of different things on our roof including two different roofers that were unsuccessful. It became a real annoyance. But when RoofSEAL did their application, it stopped the leak. And it still hasn’t leaked since.

Amazing product that works very well, was fast and timely and gave real results. And the warranty was a much better warranty than what the others were giving. It’s a shame we didn’t meet RoofSEAL 14 years ago."

– Kevin Roach, River Hills Church
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